The Norwegian Environment Agency has since 1995 estimated emissions of some hazardous substances from articles and chemicals in Norway. The hazardous substances are on Norway’s List of Priority Substances. Norway has a national target to eliminate or substantially reduce releases by 2020 of the substances on the list. Read more

Types of products

Category Main category
Amalgam Amalgam
Ammunition Ammunition
Antifouling Antifouling
Asphalt and Asphalt based material Asphalt and Asphalt based material
Blasting sand and Abrasives Blasting sand and Abrasives
Cleaning agents Cleaning agents
Cooling and Lubricating agents Cooling and Lubricating agents
Cosmetics Cosmetics
Degreasers Degreasers
Detergents (for textiles) Detergents (for textiles)
Fire Extinguishing agents Fire Extinguishing agents
Fishing net Impregnation Fishing net Impregnation
Glue and similiar Glue and similiar
Insect and Pest repellents Insect and Pest repellents
Insulation and Sealing agents Insulation and Sealing agents
Laboratory Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals
Lamps and other EE-equipment Lamps and other EE-equipment
Leather Presevation agents Leather Presevation agents
Mineral Fertilizers and Chalk Mineral Fertilizers and Chalk
Motor Fuel Motor Fuel
Others Others
Accumulators/Batteries Others
Brake- and Tyre wear Others
Chemicals (for uses not mentioned elsewhere) Others
Articles (for uses not metioned elswhere) Others
Fishing gear Others
Carbon free Copy paper Others
Copper Pipes and Fittings Others
Strippers Others
Thermometers Others
Train Cord Others
Chemicals and Articles - aggregated (for uses not mentioned elsewhere) Others
Gauges Others
Paint and Varnishes Paint and Varnishes
Paper Impregnation agents Paper Impregnation agents
Pesticides (all types) Pesticides (all types)
Pesticides (for plants) Pesticides (for plants)
Plasticizer/Flameretardant in plastic Plasticizer/Flameretardant in plastic
Rubber and Polymers (not PVC) Rubber and Polymers (not PVC)
Sacrificial anodes Sacrificial anodes
Sealing agents Sealing agents
Solvents and Thinners Solvents and Thinners
Wood Impregnating agents Wood Impregnating agents